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Blazer Boats

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In Cherryville, North Carolina, the Great Outdoors is proud to be an Authorized Dealer of Blazer Boats. 

The Craft family started blazer Boats, Inc. in 1978 by Lonnie N., Keith & Lonnie G. Craft.

Beginning with a small line of boats, the business has steadily grown to be a strong factor in the high-performance bass and Bay Boat boat markets. Blazer Boats, Inc. continues to strive for the highest quality boats for a reasonable price, unsurpassed in today’s market. Blazer Boats are built for tournament fishers by tournament fishermen to meet the most strenuous demands. Blazer offers a complete line of ultra-high-performance 18′, 19′, 20′, and 21′ bass fishing boats and 18′, 19, 21′, 22′, and 24′ bay sportfishing boats. Every boat is built with the utmost quality materials and quality care, and each employee strives to maintain the best in quality workmanship. Every boat is inspected and re-inspected at each stage of construction. Our goal is to continue the high quality, good value boats that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

100% Composite Construction

There are many steps in producing a Blazer boat, and we have developed techniques and procedures that assure the highest quality, strength, and durability. First and foremost in creating a fine quality boat is constant attention to our molds. Each mold is inspected and re-inspected for uniformity before each boat is built to ensure years of trouble-free service. After the mold has been prepped, the building process begins with applying the gel coats, and then the first layer of fiberglass is used. Alternating layers of matte and woven glass are sandwiched around a layer of Coremat® fiber polyester fabric for strength, added impact resistance, and enhanced gel coat appearance. Each layer is hand-laminated as it is applied for the most in uniformity and strength.

After the layers of fiberglass are applied, the building process continues with the addition of the stringers. On all Blazer Bay Rolled Edge Models, a stringer grid is built from foam-cored fiberboard and installed in the hull, where it is completely encapsulated in fiberglass. The transom is constructed of layers of composite that are bonded together to handle today’s outboards' most powerful. The fuel tank is installed along with PVC piping for the wiring and cables, and all cavities in the hull are completely foam filled before the installation of the all-composite floor. The corner boxes and the front deck are all glassed before the spatter finish is applied and the console installed. Throughout the building process, only the finest in stainless steel hardware and fasteners to stand up to the most challenging saltwater environment are used.

A one-piece stringer grid system is installed in all Blazer Bay Liner Models. It is then filled with foam to provide a lifetime of strength and durability. As with all of the other Blazer Bay models, the hull's cavities are completely foam filled before the deck is installed for the ultimate in safety. The entire inner liner deck with non-skid surfaces is strengthened with Nida Core honeycomb composite in both the floor and the decks to provide a lifetime of lightweight durability. The deck is then bonded to the hull using polyester bonding agents and stainless steel screws, virtually making the hull and deck a one-piece unit. As with all Blazer Bay boats, only the finest in stainless steel hardware is used throughout the ship for years of trouble-free service.